Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Chilean Fire Bush comes home.

This Chilean Firebush is perhaps my favorite plant in the Plantmad Garden, well at least at flowering time anyway :^).. This tree & hundreds like it were grown from seed I collected off the large plant growing at the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle back in the Early 2000's when I had permission to pick seed there. Several were sold to Norbert Kinnen of Big & Phat Special Plants where under his care they grew into lovely trees.

Norbert past away a couple of years ago & his son Anthony now runs the business. Last year Anthony very kindly gave us one of the last of these Embothriums in his field so that we would continue to have seed & seedlings in the future. Transplanting an Embothrium always requires crossing your fingers & saying a few prayers but after a year we can say that the plant is happy to be back were it started out it's life! It will be the source tree for many more Embothrium seedlings to come!

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