Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Fickle Franklinia!

I believe that in the South Franklinia is a Summer flowering tree but here in the North West it takes until mid September for the first flowers to open & so you often have flowers & fall colors at the same time. It's a somewhat difficult plant to establish in the NW garden. The first 2 I planted died within a year but this 3rd one seems to be happy & finally growing!

The plant was discovered by John Bartram and his son William in 1765 growing on 2 to 3 acres along the banks of the Altamaha River. It was never found anywhere else in the wild except along the banks of the Altamaha and it was never seen in the wild again after 1803! Meaning all the plants in cultivation today come from just a few plants grown from seed collected by the Bartrams on a return trip in 1773.

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