Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Three Maples

It hasn't been a great year for Fall Color in the Plantmad Garden this year. Our 100 day dry spell & my reluctance to give the garden more than survival water rations stressed a lot of the plants to the point that the leaves just dropped off when the colder weather came!

Three maples representing 3 different species were looking good though on this rainy wet weekend though.

A. pseudosieboldianum ssp. takesimense looked particularly good, native to the Korean Island of Ulleung-Do in the Sea of Japan. Ours is seed grown but the plant is often grafted on Acer palmatum.

This is an older cultivar selection of the Full Moon Maple but always looks good in our garden. 

About 25 years ago Talon Buchholz gave me a grafted liner of 'Kamagata', I still have that plant it's now a perfect miniature Japanese Maple that's about 12' tall. It always puts on a good show of red Fall Color.

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