Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Grafting some old Cherry Trees.

This past Sunday we went hiking in the Eastern Gorge again. Due to the seemingly never ending rain this year we have found ourselves doing this almost every Sunday! This weeks destination was the Old Pioneer Homestead Cherry Orchard just East of Lyle WA at about 1200' high on the Gorge Bluff

On a previous visit last December we found that 3 of the old trees were still at least partially alive! We contacted the land owner (Friends of the Gorge) & asked if they would be interested in us trying to propagate these old trees for them and received a positive answer. So we headed up there to collect some scion wood, unfortunately we were about 3 weeks too late and the buds of the trees had started to push. While this lowers our chances of success we still considered it worth a try. Fingers crossed!

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